Monday, January 31, 2011

Thank God for Holidays

I think what I really mean is, thank God for holidays for which I receive presents. I am now celebrating a little known holiday (actually, I probably made it up) called
Hunting Season Is Over Praise Jesus! Day
I'm not sure if everyone knows what this day means to me. It means that these --
Stairs of Many Splinters will receive carpet! Please, don't hold yourself back...jump up and down for goodness sake!

In the mornings I get up and put my robe on (and pants of course) and slowly make my way down the Stairs of Many Splinters to make my Oatmeal Loving Husband some Loving Oatmeal. But do you know what you always forget in the morning when your ponytail is barely hanging on and your eyes will only open half way and your cat wants to walk between your legs while you navigate the treacherous stairs?

Your phone. I always leave it on the bedside table. 
Then, it never fails, that phone will ring or buzz or vibrate or make a ding dong noise and I'm like .... hmm.
It is far away. Up the Stairs of Many Splinters.
And all this brings me to my point....
This is what I need for Valentine's Day.
Doesn't she look happy? Wouldn't I look that happy if I had one? Am I that lazy? umm...I don't want to answer that? It looks fun though....
What I'm getting is this -
on these -
and gosh, aren't we just excited? (Don't they look very intimidating from the bottom? before you've had your coffee? before 8 a.m.? without carpet? can't you feel the burn?!) I thought so.

Now, as soon as we get this carpet down after the celebration of Hunting Season is Over Praise Jesus! Day you can bet I will wear my socks on my stairs and I will slide down them on my bottom sides. And there will be a picture.

And some random photos of my Meeko to end this post. 
In case anyone was worried about my cat's love of water, well, here ya go.

Now, everyone go out and do something wonderful with your hunter husband to celebrate the new holiday of Hunting Season is Over Praise Jesus! Day and to celebrate my getting carpet on the Stairs of Many Splinters day!

p.s. Just got a text from the hubby (and yes, I had to go upstairs and get my phone!!) and said he was cooking dinner tonight! What a great holiday so far! I wonder if next year kids will get out of school for this?

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